DW TV Documentary Peru Colombia,
Journalists' Delegation of the Federal Government


Documentary film for the Federal Ministry for Cooperation. Flight in journalist delegation with the Federal Minister of Economics to Peru and Bogota. On-site visit to various development measures. Coffee plantations near Tarapoto, jungle and water detectors Severin. Flight to Bogota, reception by ambassador, visit to the DW Academy for the Promotion and Training of Free Journalism.

We were exclusively on board an aircraft of the German Federal Government (GAF - German Air Force). No long waiting at the airport, direct access to the plane via red Tepich. Even the tripod came on board. The passport matters were taken care of by the minister's press officer. This was probably the most pleasant intercontinental and domestic flight ever.

Working in Peru was comfortable due to the excellent preparation of the program. We could only move within this window, so it was overlooking. Same for Bogota, especially since we knew the city already through a documentary film shooting 3 years before. Home game.